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Health care project:

Kyrgyzstan needs hundreds of hospitals in order to provide at least primary health care to people in all regions and cities, and because of the country’s weak capabilities, this has not been available yet.

According to the general statistics in the health field:

  • The number of government hospitals in Kyrgyzstan is 117 units, in addition to 100 specialized health centers.
  • The sanitary buildings are all old buildings built by Soviet Union, and have not been modified since its collapse. Most hospitals need maintenance.
  • Most of the devices are old, not working, and the new ones are grants from the European Union or some of the supporters from the international monetary fund, and it is in central hospitals only.
  • More than 84% of medical school graduates do not work in Kyrgyzstan.
  • The country suffers from the migration of medical personnel to Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey due to the lack of financial returns and scarcity of auxiliary medical devices.
  • The villages need health centers that reduce the death rate, provide rapid medical service, and reduce the incidence of disease.
  • Among the diseases that need attention in Kyrgyzstan are: Cancer diseases, heart disease and arterial pressure, diabetes, AIDS, pediatric, TB, HIV, obstetrics and gynecology.