Public Charitable Foundation “Ene”

Public Charitable Foundation “Ene” (means “mother” in Kyrgyz language) was established on June 02, 1995 by teachers of higher educational institutions of Bishkek with extensive experience of work with students, in particular with students from rural multi children families, students from low income families, with orphan- students in order to provide feasible assistance to the State in resolving social, economic, educational problems in transitional period and help to find the way out of the crisis, so that they could easily adapt to new market conditions, learn to live combining study with work and successfully complete their education.

Member of Foundation are women of different professions: teachers, doctors, psychologists, lawyers, etc. who closely work with students every day.

Our Foundation has a branch in Osh at the Osh State University that constantly collaborates with the main Foundation in Bishkek.

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