Our story

At the moment of the Soviet Union collapse, the educational level in Kyrgyzstan was high and the percentage of women with university education was about 60%.

The transition period in Kyrgyzstan caused many economic and social problems in the life of the Kyrgyz people, particularly for low-income families. Therefore, public interest in education reduced. Many students enrolled in Higher Education Institutions (HEI) have to move the study to the second place or combine it with job. The orphan students and students from large families are especially vulnerable to many difficulties.

Large families are one of the Kyrgyz traditions, especially in rural areas. Mothers with many children are deprived of former privileges, social benefits and now many of them are on the lowest degree of social scale because of dire poverty. They are not able to support children who study at the secondary school or enrolled at universities.

Elder brothers and sisters mainly support them as much as they can, and many students don’t receive any support from the family. As a result many of them can not study properly at the university and drop out.

Given the above and striving to preserve the level of education and intelligent potential of the women, the Public Charitable Foundation “Ene” was created.