Our achievements

During 25 years the Foundation helped more than 3,550 orphan students from 15 higher education institutions. 240 students currently receive assistance from the Foundation.

Summary of achievements

  • It has become a tradition for the City Hall to conduct annual meetings with graduate orphan students and help Foundation with different activities.
  • The Social Protection branch provides 1,000 soms as a monthly stipend to the orphans. The most successful students continue the study as post graduate students.
  • The orphan students receive medical services free of charge in the student’s policlinic.

With support our foundation the orphan students were involved in the implementation of the project funded by WB, UNDP Soros Foundation, such as:

  • UNDP “Life” program project “The Bishkek students take care of city environment” implemented in 1998-1999. The orphan students helped the City Hall to plant trees and shrubs and receive material support from both: UNDP and City Hall.
  • Every year our students receive humanitarian aid, such as food products and clothing from the Counterpart Consortium International.
  • In 1998 the Foundation was awarded a grant from the UNDP “Women in development program”. This grant helped to establish a database to register all Foundation members. This grant has helped to teach several orphans of new profession like secretary. Most of them are found job as secretary in different companies and organizations. This project was implemented in 1999-2000.
  • The essential help is provided by the Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan (SFK) by teaching foreign languages and computer literacy. Also, the Foundation received books on human rights from the SFK.
  • In 2004-2005, the World Bank provided practical aid to orphan students (female) studying at Bishkek higher education institutions. The project consists of series of seminars and consultations on psychological, medical, legal aspects. Project aimed to empower young women in civil society. The lectures and legal advice were delivered by legal advisers Dr. Mukanbaeva G. and Myrzalimov R.